Reintroducing classic European cooking, using local and American artisanal products, produce and techniques.


“Everybody eats, most everybody cooks. It’s a very relatable venue. It’s a way of giving and sharing and teaching people, which opens the door to them sharing what they do and who they are.”

"Chef Tim Egelhoff combines seasonal products to create a Cafe French Cuisine, whose roots are classic French with a pinch of California and a dash of the Rockies."

– Ski Snowboard America Magazine, 2009

"Having never gone to culinary school, he learned everything from the people around him, whether they were chefs, dishwashers, or guests."

– Snowshoe Magazine, 2011

"Slivers of rare ahi tuna rolled in black sesame seeds, short-cut lamb shanks over butternut squash polenta, and poached halibut with a coconut-mango rub are all testaments to Egelhoff's dynamic style."

– Ski Magazine, 1998

"Chef Tim Egelhoff is known for his meticulous use of ancient techniques of classic European cuisine. The slow braising of meats. Delicate French Bavarian pastries. Hand-crafted cheeses."

– Tour de Forks, Crested Butte, 2014

"He continues to comb through magazines, listen to his clients, and take on new challenges that spark his curiosity and fuel his creativity."

– Snowshoe Magazine, 2011

1991 Food Network Feature:

Customer Applause

"I recently had the pleasure of eating Chef Tim Egelhoff’s amazing cooking for a whole week while on a family retreat, and I was blown away! The food was incredible, the service was top-notch, and the entire experience was world-class. Knowing that the meals would be masterfully prepared and thought out enabled my wife and I to spend every minute of our trip with our extended family, and we’ll treasure that time for years to come. I can’t recommend Chef Tim enough!"

— Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host


Dinner parties from 2 to 200 people, celebrations and special events,
interactive cooking classes and parties, and vacation home private chef services.


$55/hour – $500 minimum (includes $75 for shopping & travel)
$75/hour – Outside Gunnison Valley


Tim will grocery shop for all the food, wine and liquor, and will arrive at a pre-determined time to begin cooking.


A phone or email discussion about the menu, wine and cocktails, and room and table ambiance. If possible, Tim would visit your kitchen and home ahead of time.


All work will be done in your kitchen. Tim will utilize the pots, pans and utensils at your location, and leave your kitchen spotless when he leaves. He will stay to serve and finish as to your request, and additional professional servers will be available


Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and self-taught as a chef, Tim has been in kitchens since the age of 15.

During his college career, Tim cooked in nearly every restaurant in Crested Butte while living the mountain lifestyle the area offers. In the early 80s, Tim moved to Colorado’s Front Range for a larger cooking experience and an apprenticeship.

From there, Tim went to California to further his culinary education as sous-chef at Créme Carmel Restaurant in Carmel. The enthusiastic clientele, unlimited produce, and fresh Monterey Bay seafood ignited Tim’s passion for world-class cuisine. Being in the company of, and working alongside distinguished chefs, wineries, winemakers and restaurateurs provided the ultimate schooling for a self-taught chef.

In 1989, Tim established the Timberline Restaurant, continuing his culinary journey back in Crested Butte. The Timberline was in business for 21 years, and was regarded as one of the most high-end and reputable restaurants in Crested Butte.

In 2010, Tim became a private chef, following his desire to continue enjoying his mountain lifestyle and creating innovative world-class cuisine, both in Crested Butte and beyond Gunnison Valley.

In 2013, Tim became the executive chef of Maxwell’s Restaurant & Steakhouse in Crested Butte, which became Elk Ave Prime in 2014. He remained a private chef on the side until 2015, when he decided to become a full-time private chef and continue offering outstanding food and dining experiences for his loyal client base.

Tim and his wife, owners of the Timberline Restaurant.

“I make food that’s healthy, that’s made from scratch. I use real ingredients and do it by hand. It’s that real care and attention to make sure it’s done well that makes the difference.”

– Chef Tim Egelhoff

A Pop Up restaurant offered in different locations with seasonal menus that offer a fun and unique dinner experience.

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